Who we are

Founded in 1993 as a journalistic and editorial agency, Zadig is today formed by a core group of specialists, around which operates a network of journalists, physician, researchers, computer scientists, creatives and innovators specialized in medicine, health, science and environment.


I am a journalist and I deal with institutional health communication, I run the editorial staff of EpiCentro. I also follow European projects.


I am a journalist and I deal with institutional health communication, I run the editorial staff of EpiCentro. I also follow European projects.


Molecular biologist by training, I'm in charge of digital health communication. I have never abandoned the scientific method, made of intuition, rigour and transparency: this is why I chose to work in Zadig. I have interpreted the female style of reason, opening up to relational skills.


I am a physician and a journalist. I provide independent information and training for health workers.


I am a physician with experience in clinical activity and research. For more than 15 years I have been using the skills acquired to develop training projects for health workers.


Science journalist, I deal with the online journal Scienzainrete Scienza in Rete (Science on the Net) and communication projects.

Who's Zadig?

Zadig is the protagonist of a philosophical tale by Voltaire. Zadig represents, for the French philosopher, the rational and judicious thought that distinguishes the right and decent man, who is not afraid to clash with the powerful to defend his principles. Zadig, thanks to his sagacity and spirit of observation, typical of serendipity and abduction, not only makes unexpected discoveries, as often happens in science, but also manages to escape a death sentence. Zadig "was satisfied with the style of reason", writes Voltaire: the style of reason is for us an indication of both value and method, form and substance.

Our values, our style

Critical and thoughtful thinking ("slow"), reason open to dialogue, intellectual independence, collective interest and participation, balanced and quality information: these are the values in which we all recognize ourselves. From Voltaire's work we take not only the name of the protagonist and his motto, but also the style of the author, sober, never shouted, sometimes ironic but always rich in quality content. The style of reason is not the style that imposes itself by raising its voice, nor is it a cold and detached style; it is the style that affirms itself starting from listening to the need and the rational (and reasonable) search for effective and "right" (sustainable) solutions.

Our objectives

Particularly active in the fields of medicine, public health and science, Zadig aims to provide critical and correct information, and to experiment with new forms of communication and training, with a special focus on digital.

Our aim is to offer institutions, health professionals, citizens and researchers, services and tools to disseminate quality information, to educate and train in scientific culture, to promote initiatives in the health field, to innovate and participate as protagonists in the change in health, science and environment.

“Common sense is not so common” Voltaire

Our network

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Valeria Confalonieri
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