The style of reason

For over 25 years, Zadig has been a reference point for communication, journalistic and editorial activities, training and dissemination in the medical, scientific and environmental fields.


We are trainers. We develop e-learning and residential learning projects for health professionals, in collaboration with institutional partners. Zadig is an accredited National Standard Provider with quality certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2015


We are communicators. We develop strategies for institutions, organisations, foundations and patients' associations; dissemination and valorisation of scientific research, also on European projects


We are innovators. We explore the tools that digital technologies and research offer for health, to find pragmatic solutions at the service of people, tools to improve engagement and participation


We are publishers and journalists. We design and produce magazines, books and websites. We take care of editorial planning and editing articles, web content, newsletters and social media

We work with public institutions, research institutions, companies, health professionals, patients' associations to bring the style of reason into communication on the major issues of health and prevention, in training, in the enhancement of scientific research, in the engagement of citizens, in the development of digital tools for health.