About us

Zadig S.r.l is an editorial and publishing company that focuses on communication on medicine, science, nature and the environment. Zadig works mainly in the field of medicine and public health. Our aim is to give critical and correct information, and to develop innovative forms of e-learning in the field of medical and technological issues.
Zadig operates in four main areas, with the help of its contributors: Communication, Publishing, Research, Learning.
Its five partners are:

Roberto Satolli
he is a doctor and a journalist; he is the president of Zadig. He has been working in the field of medical-scientific information for forty years. He is the editor of the web journals Scienzainrete, Partecipasalute, Janus. He is a member of the Cochrane Italia steering committee and chair of the Ethic Committee in the National Institute of Tumours in Milan. He has a column on health issues in the magazines L'Espresso and Corriere della Sera / Salute
  • email: satolli [at] zadig [dot] it
Pietro Dri
he deals with information and continuing medical education for health operators.
  • email: dri [at] zadig [dot] it
Luca Carra
he is a journalist and he is in charge of the areas of environment/nature and public health.
  • email: carra [at] zadig [dot] it
Eva Benelli
journalist, she is an expert of communication in public Health topics and is in charge of Epicentro, the website of Epidemiology of the Italian National Institute of Health. She is the Editor of Janus, the journal of medical Humanities
  • email: benelli [at] zadig [dot] it
Giulia Candiani
molecular biologist by education, has been Project Manager of editorial and multimedia projects of medical communication for more than 20 years, since she left her research activity in human genetics. She is the account manager at Zadig.
  • email: candiani [at] zadig [dot] it